Farmer Alex’s April Update!


With the first transplants nestled in the ground on Monday, I finally feel it… The 2016 growing season is officially underway! Luckily the snow on Saturday didn’t amount to much, and we were able to get our hands dirty planting the first round of kale and cabbage. Ideally they would have been planted last week, as they were quickly outgrowing their trays, but the frigid nighttime temperatures would have been a vicious shock to their systems. We decided it was prudent to cover up our baby carrot seedlings and wait out the cold front until putting anything else in the fields. 

With nothing but sunshine and warmer weather in the foreseeable forecast, we are gearing up to have a very active week! We’ll have sugar snap peas and kohlrabi in the ground by the end of Friday, and next week we have a very ambitious planting itinerary, which includes onions, potatoes, beets, spinach, and lettuce. That’s roughly 24,000 row feet of vegetables that will be planted in the next seven days…around 4.5 miles!


Needless to say, I am thrilled that two new interns will be joining the crew tomorrow. Ally and Brooks are making their way across the country from Idaho as we speak. They don’t have any prior farming experience, but they do possess a wealth of enthusiasm and excitement for growing delicious food and for being a part of the Sandbrook Meadow Farm community. The same can be said for Kim, who is finishing up her semester in North Carolina, and will be arriving in May. 

They will be joining an experienced crew here, with Eileen, Meg, Devin, and Dan all returning for another season.  The mix of new and familiar faces is a welcomed balance. Those who have been through the ringer are able to help mentor new crew members and maintain pace and efficiencies. While the new interns bring fresh eyes and the prospect of new ideas. As I don’t pretend to know everything about farming, I prefer the working environment here to be a collaborative effort, regardless of experience. 

With planting underway and a restocked crew, I am feeling eager and prepared for another growing season.  Especially since we have over 80% of our CSA memberships filled! (If you haven’t enrolled for 2016 yet, now is the time!) It is a huge relief to have so many shares sold at this juncture. With the bulk of our financial burden mitigated, we’re able to focus our energy where it should be, on the plants…the food that we grow for you, our cherished CSA members. Thank you for your continued support, patronage, and affirmation. We couldn’t do it without you!  

Locally Yours,

Farmer Alex



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