Meet the Partners: Brent and Deirdre


We’ve enjoyed sharing blogs with fun facts and stories about our interns, Alex and the farm, and we thought it might be time to have Brent and Deirdre share about how they came to find and grow Sandbrook Meadow Farm. 

Brent first discovered the farm 15 years ago.  What initially began as a search for rolling, green fields in Bucks County eventually brought him across the river to what is now Sandbrook Meadow Farm.  It was love at first sight, and he quickly snapped it up.  After spending 18 years in Colorado, Brent was anxious to be back in the lush, green mid-Atlantic.  Having grown up in Pennsylvania, Brent was coming home. 

Shortly thereafter, Brent and Deirdre met.  Deirdre fell in love with the farm just as quickly as she fell in love with Brent.  They got married on the farm and their life began.  This is how they describe the farm:

The farm looked different than it does now.  We’ve renovated the home, the barns, removed numerous out-buildings and even a ranch house that once stood near the parking area for the CSA.  It’s been a labor of love and never seems to be finished. But, it’s what we love to do.

We met Alex about five years ago with a shared vision of a CSA at the farm.  We are really fortunate to have such an amazing partner that loves the farm as much as we do and continues to grow his impressive farming and business skills, as he grows impeccable, quality produce for the whole community to enjoy.  It’s been fun to see people experience the farm during pick-up and member events.  We have friends who are members and made many new friends over the years.

Brent continues to build out the vision for restoration of buildings, fields and woods in a natural and sustainable way, with an eye toward the beautiful aesthetics of the farm.  He also spends time on equipment maintenance, renovation projects and decision-making in farm operations.  Outside of the farm, Brent runs Community Energy, Inc., the company he cofounded, developing wind and solar energy.  He is passionate about providing clean electricity and building a sustainable world. 

Deirdre is slowly growing the livestock business on the farm adding more chickens, pigs and goats to her brood in the last year.  Caring for the animals is an enjoyable and restorative part of her day and she is thrilled to be able to offer local, certified organic pork and eggs to our members, as well as the rest of the community.


Most importantly, we have four children together who are relishing growing up on the farm.  Nothing is better than seeing our four little blondies running around the farm, picking veggies, zipping around in the farm cart and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

IMG_4501Thanks for being a member and entrusting your veggies to us.  We are so lucky to be a part of something so amazing, and we are glad you are, too!


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