Meet the Interns: Courtney


Who are you? Courtney Allen

Hometown: Sebring, FL

Age: 22

Favorite color: Salmon

Favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts

Why farming? I’ve worked a dozen different odd jobs and farming is the only thing I’ve ever not secretly resented. It’s nice to do something necessary like raising food because your efforts never feel wasted. Also, I can’t stand to be inside for very long.

Do you have previous experience in this field? Not in vegetables, but I’ve done a lot of work with animals.

Favorite farm-related task… Delivering eggs to the store, because it’s gratifying to see them come full cycle from our farm to the consumer.

Least favorite farm task… Fixing electric fencing, since I’m not very good at it and always get zapped.

What I like to listen to while working in the fields… A bit of everything, but I most often go with Gorillaz, The Distillers or Jack White.

What I hope to be doing in 5 years… I’m too young to be making plans that far ahead.

On a day off you can find me… Swimming (I aspire to be a mermaid someday) or hanging out in the woods somewhere.

Hobbies/activities I enjoy… Reading, doing yoga, experimenting with vegan recipes, watching horror movies, making wine, playing volleyball, and attempting to learn foreign languages.

Unusual talent… I’m good at doing stage/effects makeup.

Fun fact about me… I’ve been to 20 states.


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