Meet the Interns: Megan

Who are you? Megan Roe

Hometown: Flemington and Barnegat Light, NJ

Age: 28

Favorite color: green and blue

Favorite vegetable: summer squash

Why farming? Farming gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. I like to work with my hands and I think its important to develop skills to be self sufficient. I love the quiet of being outside; it grounds me.

Do you have previous experience in this field? I worked a full season on another local organic produce farm last year, part time at an apiary, and have done some chicken processing. I also really enjoy getting to visit other farms to see their practices.

Favorite farm-related task… planting

Least favorite farm task…working in the herb garden

Music I like to listen to while working in the fields… always Kings of Leon, but some days I like something a little mellower like Bon Iver, the Lumineers, or Blind Pilot

What I hope to be doing in 5 years… I hope to be growing most of my food on my own homestead. I’d like to have chickens, a couple more bee hives, and maybe a goat or sheep. I want to live a simple life of self reliance.

On a day off you can find me… relaxing, but also unfortunately running errands and catching up on life. I try to see my friends and family and make it back to the beach where I grew up when I can. Mostly I like to have no plans on my days off.

Hobbies/activities I enjoy… yoga, writing, reading, hiking, photography, refinishing furniture

Unusual talent… I’m a hobby beekeeper with my own hive.

Fun fact about me…I spent 2 months driving around the country and can’t wait to travel again!

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