Meet the Interns: Anthony

SMF Anthony and CargoSMF Anthony and anchoviesSMF Anthony

Who are you? Anthony Barbetta

Hometown: Williamstown-Blackwood, NJ

Age: 29

Favorite color: Green    

Favorite vegetable: Kale, Dandelion.    

Why farming? I’m interested in self sufficiency and living a healthy life, interacting in the natural world.

Do you have previous experience in this field? No experience besides small gardening.

Favorite farm-related task… Definitely planting, sticking my hands in the dirt and moving in a natural rhythm is good medicine and playing with the dogs on lunch break.

Least favorite farm task… Weeding, maybe scuffling.

Music I like to listen to while working in the fields… Usually bird song unless im working next to someone with one of those crazy phones that play music, and cook and wash your clothes. But Kings of Leon is a good call.

What I hope to be doing in 5 years… I would like to be sustaining myself and learning and sharing skills within a healthy community.

On a day off you can find me… Visiting friends , exploring a patch of woods, resting up.

Hobbies/activities I enjoy… Playing or listening to music, being barefoot in the woods, being in the sun, drinking coffee.

Unusual talent… I can create fire and build a shelter off of natural materials in the woods.

Fun fact about me… I love practicing and integrating primitive skills and minimalism into my life. I was an apprentice at The Maine Primitive Skills School from 2013 until forever learning wilderness self sustainability.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about Anthony!

Stay tuned to meet our other two interns, Megan and Courtney, in the weeks to come.

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