Meet the Interns: Carmen!

CarmenWho are you?

Carmen Mondelli

How old are you?



Medford, NJ

Favorite color?


Why Farming?

Working on farms is the only job I have experienced. I started on an alpaca farm when I was 12 and have loved it ever since.

What do you do when you are not at SMF? (i.e college or whatever)

I have taken general classes at my local community college. I plan to begin taking more classes specific to farming and mechanics over this winter.

Favorite farm-related task

As lazy as this sounds, mowing!

Least favorite farm-related task

Mulching with hay on an especially hot day. Standing over the hay and soil seems to exponentially raise the temperature.

Hobbies, Activities I enjoy

I enjoy anything outdoors honestly. Including hiking, fishing, hunting, and farm work of course!

Unusual talent

I can fly planes! I took flying lessons on small propeller planes, but have flown larger jets with the Air Force on a few occasions.

Fun fact about me.

I spent most of the month of June last year in the Middle East. Teaching English to Kurdish children in Iraq.


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