Meet the Interns: Adam!

ImageWho are you?

(Could be interpreted as being rhetorical and/or existential) I was born with the name Adam Taylor Mahon

How old are you?

8766 days young (24 Earth years).


Voorhees, NJ 

Favorite color?
Yellow.  And that weird shade of blue everything takes a little bit before dawn. 

Why Farming?

Oof, I’ll try not to turn this into a total declamation. Spending my days in the sunshine, dirt, plants, and animals makes me happy. Feeding and meeting my neighbor and being involved in a business that depends on local patronage makes me feel proud and connected.  Being a part of a greater movement that is mutually beneficial to our environment and our society makes me feel fulfilled. 

What do you do when you are not at SMF?  (i.e college or whatever)

In the 18 hours or so a week that I am not here, I am likely sleeping in an air-conditioned room with a kitten and my girlfriend.  This coming off season I’m thinking of spending a few months in Austin, TX with a close friend.  

Favorite farm-related task:

Planning in the early spring and seeing all our first plantings just start to break the soil. Also, meeting our clientele is usually pretty fun. I’ve certainly witnessed a good smattering of colorful personalities. 

Least favorite farm-related task:

Walking from the greenhouse to our upper fields with a loaded backpack sprayer of seaweed emulsion for the 10th time. Also, straw mulching on 90+ degree days. But to both I must say, the ends certainly justify the means. 

Hobbies, Activities I enjoy:

Farming! Cooking with/for my roommates/coworkers (I like to think Alex and I have particularly good kitchen chemistry). Reading literature with a lot of atmospheric gravity. Discovering new music (shout out to WFMU for helping a lot with that). Driving really long distances with my girlfriend and trying to find the best places to eat. 

Unusual talent:

I used to dabble a bit with stencil graffiti:


Fun Fact about me:

My first job that bared any semblance to ‘farm work’ was at Bruce Springsteen’s house. The Boss was my boss. 


One thought on “Meet the Interns: Adam!

  1. Pat winecker says:

    Nice feature!

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