Meet the interns: Marilyn

Marilyn wise, caring, and full of life has been an invaluable member of our team this year.  She couldn’t decide on a favorite vegetable, so we decided to  go with beautiful flowers.  They pale in comparison to her vibrant smile.

Who are you?  Marilyn Luna
Age: 27
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite color: Black
Favorite vegetable: Luckily, I love all vegetables. As a vegan, I’d be running into some issues if I didn’t.
Ah, except for radishes. No. No, thank you.
Why farming?
As a personal trainer, I have been living under this notion that the path to good health and vitality is through hard work at the gym. Recently, I’ve found myself questioning if this is truely so. We in fact have lived an infinitely greater amount of time as rural folk than an urbanized and confined species. This observation lead me to wonder if we were potentially doing it all wrong. When living in suburban sprawl, or in the city as I once was, everything and anything that was accessible to me was processed and/or shipped from across the country, if not the world. I felt that the combination between nurishing myself in this way, and routinely fragmenting my body for the sake of vanity at the gym, was not the way we were intended to function as human beings. In short, I wanted to test my theory.
Ultimately, working out in nature has felt the most natural. Having my body work as a whole, all muscles in unison, to accomplish a task feels much more fluid than any isolated bicep curl I have ever done. I’d like share this experience with my family back home and eventually build a homestead for my parents to thrive on.
Funny field experience.
I excitedly ran the length of a bed with drip-tape in hand as it unrolled from the opposite end, only to be violently jerked to the side as I came to a screeching halt. I tripped over myself and fell onto my right shoulder, laying inch deep in compost.
Top 3 favorite farm-related work tasks.
Hilling Potatoes: Great workout.
Harvesting tomatillos: It’s like exploring a secret garden with delicate green lanterns that lead the way.
Weeding: Such a great sense of accomplishment once done.
Least favorite farm-related task.
Covering crops after planting.
Killing insects who present themselves as pest (except for flies).
Tolerating flies, especially horse flies.
Music I like to listen to while working the fields…
Anything and everything. I was on a 90’s kick when I first arrived, thanks to Pandora radio. Lately, it depends on the task. Harvesting: something relaxing and lyrically captivating such as Mumford and Sons. When planting or weeding, something more upbeat such as Foster the People or a remix of Somebody that I used to know. When working in the greenhouse/cleaning after harvest, ambient music is key. Tycho, Proem, Ulrich Schnauss are some of my favorites.
What I hope to be doing in 5 years…
Living happily with my fiancé, Zach. Balancing a strong, healthy relationship with my sister and family back at home while simultaneously traveling around the country, exploring new farms and investing time on my greatest passion, writing.
On a day off you can find me…..
Hiking, reading, writing, shooting pool, cooking, spending time with Zach, chatting it up with my sister Carolyn at a local coffee shop, partaking in day/half day trips with Laura and Carolyn, running errands, doing laundry, taking time for some introspection…
Hobbies, activities I enjoy are…
Reading, writing, learning, cooking, hiking, rock-climbing, biking, kayaking, climbing trees, daydreaming…
Fun fact about me:
I love sweet potato fries with vegan ranch dressing.
Another fun fact about me:
I sometimes snort when I laugh… which then makes me laugh even more.

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