Meet the interns: Carolyn

*We do not condone this behavior for sanitary reasons…but she refuses to listen:)
Without further ado we present Carolyn!  Our resident artist, avid animal lover, cucumber enthusiast and all around loveable lady!
Who are you? Carolyn Luna
Age: 19
Hometown: Chicago, IL                 
Favorite color: Lime Green
Favorite vegetable: Cucumbers… they’re so refreshing!
Why farming?
I love being active outdoors and feel that knowing where our food comes from is very important, especially now when local and environmentally responsible food production is scarce. Farming has brought these two interest together has provided me with a lifestyle I truly love!
Funny field experience.
Once while making Compost Tea, I tripped on the hose and spilled the fish and molasses solution all over myself. I smelled fantastic…
Top 3 favorite farm-related work tasks.
Harvesting Potatoes
Harvesting Carrots
Tying Tomatoes
Least favorite farm-related task.
Scuffle Hoeing
Music I like to listen to while working the fields…
Owl City, Jack Johnson, Rise Against, 311, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution
What I hope to be doing in 5 years…
In 5 years, I’d hope to establish a homestead for my family and friends. I would also like to be in the midst of planing a backpacking trip through New Zealand!
On a day off you can find me…..
Reading, sketching, practicing guitar, munching on veggies, dread maintenance and dancing while I clean!
Hobbies, activities I enjoy are…
Art of all sorts, crafting projects, writing poetry and prose, and I’ve recently decided to take up yoga and perhaps give break dancing another go at.
Fun fact about me:
My nickname on the farm is Shorts… occasionally Jorts.
Another fun fact about me:
I tend to find many things cute.

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