Meet the Interns: Laura

(Laura was asked to pose with her favorite vegetable…she opted for the zucchini)  We support her choice.
We like Laura lots!  We think you will too.
Who are you?  Laura
Hometown:   Chester, NY
Age: 25
Favorite color: green
Favorite vegetable: tie between zuchinni and brussels sprouts
Why farming?
Went to school to be a teacher, but didn’t find a job doing that, so I took an outdoor education job with the National Park Service.  I realized I like being outside too much to be a classroom teacher, so then I worked on an educational farm.  I plan on, at some point, making my own farm an educational based endeavor.
Previous experience in this field?
Growing up on dairy farm, Grandparents’ ginormous vegetable garden (like, almost an acre), parents’ garden and the two farms from above.
Top 3 favorite farm-related work tasks.
Greenhouse work
Scuffle Hoeing
Least favorite farm-related task.
Separating seed flats or hanging garlic for like…a month straight.
Music I like to listen to while working the fields…
Progressive bluegrass like Splitlip Rayfield or Trampled by Turtles or what the internet tells me is classified as “Indie Pop” like Dr. Dog and Edward Sharpe
What I hope to be doing in 5 years…
Growing vegetables for 200-250 CSA members on my family’s land, living in an actual structure full-time and owning a badass dog.
On a day off you can find me…..
Around the house, baking bread, quilt-making, canning, reading, or patching all the holes I put in my clothes during the week.  And also, going to the library all the time.
Hobbies, activities I enjoy are…
Building things, making crafts
Fun fact about me :
I’ve owned two cows in my life (Penelope and Lily)

One thought on “Meet the Interns: Laura

  1. Jackie says:

    Welcome Laura!

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