Grass-fed beef, organically grown pork, local wine and eggs for sale!

We wanted to remind you of the additional offerings that we have available for sale at the farm.  Though we are aware that some of you may be vegan or vegetarian, we still want to offer sustainably produced animal products.  There are many amazing local farmers “walking the walk” when it comes to responsibly raised animals.  We will be offering their products for sale each week.  Please remember to bring additional cash or checks to purchase these items.

We are also excited to add a locally produced wine to our products for sale this year!

Some of these farmers will be around during your pick-up hours the first few weeks, so that you can ask them questions and perhaps sample their products.  Take advantage!  We support the movement to “know your farmer”.


We would like for you to get to know them a little better, so please read up below…

In 2004 we decided to pursue our calling and began farming in Bucks County, PA.  Purely Farm evolved out of a reluctant vegetarian’s search for an alternative to factory farmed meats and a hunter/gardener’s quest for a self sustaining lifestyle.  Over the years this journey has granted us the opportunity to offer families quality and wholesome pasture-raised meats.

We are proud to be a farrow to finish pork operation.  All of our pigs are born on the farm, remain together in individual litters, and are permitted to grow as tight family units.  Our pasture-raised pork is hormone and antibiotic free.  In addition to the grass and locally grown grain ration, we supplement their diet with surplus organic produce.

From day old chicks to oven roasters, our poultry is raised, grazed and processed on our farm in small batches.  After leaving their brooder, our birds forage in portable shelters which are moved two times a day.  This method ensures clean pasture, exercise and fresh air, while reducing stress on both the chickens and the land.  Purely Chicken will likely be the cleanest, freshest bird you may ever experience.

We believe our meats’ distinct and exceptional flavor comes from the combination of life out on pasture and a diet supplemented by mineral rich, natural non-GMO grain rations that are locally grown.

We are excited to have been invited to offer our pasture-raised meats through Sandbrook Meadow CSA.  We will be at the farm during CSA pick-ups on June 1st, 5th, 15th and 19th so that we can personally answer any questions regarding our farm and farming practices as well as offer cooking suggestions for our products.  Various retail cuts of pork will be available for purchase at this time (see attached price list).  There will be an inventory of pork products at the farm that may be purchased as desired during your weekly vegetable pick-ups.  Special orders are always encouraged, especially if looking for something that is not routinely in stock.

Purely Chicken will be available fresh on the following Fridays:  June 1st and 15th, July 13th and 27th, and August 10th and 24th.  On all other days frozen Purely Chicken will be on hand.  Our birds are sold whole for $4.25/lb and will weigh approximately 5-6+ lbs. Each bird is vacuum sealed in special cryovac freezer bags.  Necks, livers, hearts and/or feet are also available for purchase at $4.25/lb; it is best to pre-order these items.

Feel free to contact us with any questions via phone; we tend to be a bit tardy with our email responses during the busy season.  We thank you for supporting small, sustainable farming and look forward to cultivating a relationship with you and your family through Purely Farm’s Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats.

Contact info:

Joanna, Marc & Clover Mae Michini

Purely Farm’s Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats



Tullamore Farms is a small, family-run enterprise dedicated to providing the Delaware Valley with the finest ethically and sustainably raised food products while focusing on responsible, progressive stewardship of land and livestock. We strive to rekindle the harmonious connection between farmer, animal, and customer.

Owner-operator Jeanmarie commit to produce healthy, high quality foods by incorporating modern science with traditional farming methods.


This year when you pick up your orders, you can also pick up your wine for dinner!  Villa Milagro Vineyards, located north of us in Finesville, NJ, will deliver wine that you order to the farm for you to pick up when you come for your shares.  One stop shopping!

Villa Milagro uses organic and sustainable practices in its vineyard to grow ten varieties of grapes.   They are hand harvested, fermented in French sur lie method, then blended to make traditional European style wines.

Come taste the wines starting Friday, June 8 then sign up to have wines delivered via our CSA.  Learn more about the vineyard at:


Until our ladies start producing in August.  Blue Jingler will be providing their eggs for sale!

Our hens enjoy our pastures of mixed grasses and legumes, in addition to a well balance layer ration. Often, the hens are rotated through the pasture after the steers have moved through. This allows the birds to scratch through the cow patties in search of bugs and undigested seeds that pass through the steers. It also helps spread the patties around, minimizing thistle growth and providing a more balanced application of the manure and helps minimize parasites that may linger on the ground until the next rotation of the steers through the pasture.

Being a Rhode Island Red cross, these birds are very prolific and consistently supply us with large, extra large, and jumbo sized, beautiful brown eggs, with rich, yellow-orange yolks. A double-yolker is fairly common as well. We sell our eggs by the dozen and mix the sizes in each container. We re-use egg cartons, regardless of the brand, so feel free to drop them off at the farm when you’re through with them.


The Sandbrook Meadow Crew.


One thought on “Grass-fed beef, organically grown pork, local wine and eggs for sale!

  1. The fresh chicken I got on Friday from Purely farm was amazing! So tasteful, moist and tender, with a huge yield of meat from such a relatively small bird.

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